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We have experience in vessel design, operation, construction, and repair. If you own a boat and want help or advice on operating it, improving it, or taking care of it we can help!

Are you looking to buy a boat? We help people seeking to purchase a boat in the buying process, from identification through inspection, survey, closing, and training on how to safely operate the boat. In Short we act as a Buyers Broker.


We also keep track of certain boats on the market-- the ones we built!! We often know when one of our boats is for sale before they are even listed on the open market.  Being the builder, we know more about our boats than any other broker could.

Give us a call, and we can match you with the right boat for your needs!


If you have a boat and need advice for any purpose, call us!

  • Repairs

  • Upgrades

  • Instruction

  • Pre-purchase inspection

Here are some other ways in which we can help you!

  • Have a boat built? Let us be your representative with the builder.

  • Having a boat refit at a boatyard: let us be your representative with the repair yard.

  • Just purchased a boat? Let us help you determine who best to help you care for it.

  • Need instruction on how to operate your boat? We have expertise in operating and teaching power and sailboats.

  • Need to find the best place to repair or refinish your boat? Let us help you find the shop with the proper expertise, experience, and reputation.



If you need a boat to run up or down the coast for any purpose, we can do it. We are USCG licensed up to 200 tons, and have a lot of experience. Each job is quoted based on the route and timing.


Southport 30 Outboard Edition boat at Southport Island Marine on Southport Island
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