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Handy Billy 21

This quick little boat was designed by Harry Bryan using lines from the popular and efficient designs of William Hand in the early 1900’s. He calls the boat the “Handy Billy”. The boats are handsome, speedy and efficient.

Powered by a 25 or 30 horsepower outboard motor, the Southport Handy Billy  cruises at 14 knots. The installation of an already quiet modern engine in a sound-insulated compartment inside the transom creates a power plant emitting very little sound. In addition, these modern engines are remarkably efficient, clean and dependable.

This elegant and able boat is perfect for all kinds of outings.  It's remarkable qualities are:


  • It's Quiet!!  Having it's 30 horsepower 4 stroke outboard in an enclosed box makes this a very quiet boat.  You need to experience it to believe it.

  • With this modest power plant, it is very fuel efficient.

  • The Handy Billy 21 has built in seating for 8 adults.

  •  It looks great!

Other attributes are that the boat has lots of storage space, a built in welded aluminum fuel tank (20 gallons), custom made seat cushions, standard dodger and cockpit cover, trailer, optional bimini cover, optional electronics packages (stereo systems too), and available custom custom features such as wood trim packages and decking packages (teak or Flexiteak).

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